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The Constant Threat of Hail

Back in June, 2015, several parts of Colorado got slammed with hail, scaring a lot of people while doing a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. One part in Denver had four feet of hail fall within a 90-minute period. It required several snow plows and a front-end loader to […]

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Preparing for Hurricane Season in Texas

Hurricanes are a force of nature like no other. They can be hundreds of miles wide, packing winds of 150 mph or higher. A severe hurricane can literally wipe the landscape clean. With hurricane season in Texas, preparation before the storm and action after it passes makes all the difference.

Get a Plan Together Before […]

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2 Years Later: A Look Back at the 2013 Floods of Colorado

September 2013 brought flood waters that had not been seen in Northern Colorado in recorded history. Many weather records fell with the rains that inundated this region at that time. The record rainfall brought on massive flash floods that damaged homes and businesses, while causing billions in property damage. That damage can still be seen two […]

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Confused by Business Interruption Insurance? Don’t Be

If you own a small business, you probably already have insurance to cover your building and its contents if a tornado, hurricane or fire comes ripping through. But, do you have insurance that covers the necessities while you are working to get your business back up and running? That is where business interruption insurance […]

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