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Frozen Pipes: A Winter Hazard

You take the time to insulate and protect the pipes in your home. But, what about the pipes in your business? Every business has piping with water running through it. And those pipes may be vulnerable to freezing and bursting. If one should burst, it could end up flooding your business, causing thousands in […]

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6 Common Commercial Insurance Problems

Commercial insurance is a vital part of protecting your business and your livelihood. It provides coverage for property, damage, and workers’ compensation. Finding the right balance between coverage and cost can be difficult. But, it is an exercise that could save your business if the worst happens.

Knowing some common commercial insurance problems can help […]

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What Does El Nino Mean for This Winter?

El Niño is a periodic weather phenomenon having a strong impact this winter. It can bring strong weather to many parts of the world, including many parts of the United States. Understanding what El Niño is and how it affects the weather can help you protect your property against its effects.
What Is El Niño?
Back in the […]

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Should I Really Be Filing an Insurance Claim?

You did the smart thing and bought insurance to make sure your business is covered in case of a loss. Something happens. Someone broke in and stole some merchandise. A pipe bursts and floods the storage room. A fire erupts in the boiler room, causing damage. You have the option of making an insurance claim. Should you?
When […]

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Fire Damage: Prevention, Insurance, and Recovery

Like most small business owners, your business is likely the main source of income you and your family have. Protecting that business has to be a priority. Fire is a devastating disaster that can hit any business. Preventing such a disaster from happening is only the first step. Being prepared for the aftermath of […]

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