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Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

Fires are one of the most devastating disasters that a business can experience. The flames, heat, soot and fire-extinguishing materials contribute to the losses you experience. The hydrochloric acid in smoke can be just as damaging as the blaze. Smoke has the ability to penetrate remote areas of a building if only parts of it burned, causing damage that isn’t visible or immediately apparent.

Handling a Fire and Smoke Damage Claim

The days following a fire may be filled with stress, confusion and quick decisions. When you feel desperate to recover, it’s simple to make mistakes when dealing with the insurance company or contractors.

After a fire, contact a public insurance adjuster before you file a claim with your insurance provider. At Commercial Claim Pro, we’ll send out a public adjuster right away to review your commercial policy and help you understand what it covers. Our public adjusters specialize in handling fire and smoke damage claims, and will guide you throughout the recovery process.

A Public Insurance Adjuster Works for You
Commercial Claims Pro works independently of any insurance companies, so our public adjusters only have your best interests in mind as they work on your behalf. When you experience fire- or smoke-related losses, your dedicated public adjuster will:

Create a plan to restore your business to its pre-loss condition.
Secure your property and mitigate further damage.
Inventory and document the damaged property to calculate your losses.
Determine which items need repairs, cleaning or replacements.
Help you calculate your business interruption losses.
Help you find a temporary location from which to operate.
Negotiate with your insurance company.
Review authorization forms and contracts with you.
Help you choose the best contractors and restoration specialists.
Expedite inspections.
Obtain repair and replacement estimates.
Make sure the air quality in a restored building is safe.
At Commercial Claim Pro, our public adjusters have years of experience successfully handling and settling fire and smoke damage insurance claims. With an advocate on your side, you can focus on continuing operations. Contact us today to learn how we can help simplify your life and maximize your insurance settlement.

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