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Power Outage Claims

Natural disasters and overloaded power grids are the most common causes of outages. Depending on your commercial insurance policy, you may have coverage that protects you against utilities losses that occurs onsite. It’s a good idea to learn if the policy covers an interruption in off-premise utility services.

Power outage claims are sometimes tricky to navigate because businesses generally experience operational interruptions more than direct physical damage. When your company experiences an outage, it’s important to determine the interruption-related losses with the help of a public insurance adjuster. Don’t handle the claim by yourself.

Public Insurance Adjusters Help You Recover

A public adjuster is a professional who helps you receive the benefits outlined in your commercial policy when you file a claim. A Commercial Claim Pro, we don’t work for insurance companies. We serve as advocates with your best interests in mind.

After a power outage, your public adjuster will:

  • Review the insurance policy with you so you understand the details.
  • File a claim on your behalf.
  • Calculate the cost of the business interruptions.
  • Determine if the outage occurred on- or off-site.
  • Determine if an off-premise outage triggered an onsite power failure.
  • Document property losses related to power spikes when the power returned.
  • Secure estimates to repair or replace property, if needed.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company.

Power outages cause tangible losses. From walking you through the claims process to maximizing the insurance payout that you receive, our only interest is your recovery. Contact Commercial Claim Pro today to get started with your claim.

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