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Roof Damage Claims

A roof is a building’s shield. Damage occurs when an event, such as a storm or an impact, compromises a roof’s safety or ability to keep water out of the building. A failure to this part of a property can result in losses within the building itself. Depending on the time of year, you may not notice roof damage until after the snows melt or the rainy season arrives.

Roof Damage and Insurance Claims

Insurance companies closely examine the scope of a roof repair when you file a claim. Because it’s an adjuster’s job to save the insurance company money, he may try to limit the amount of money the company will pay to fix the damage.

When an event you had no control over causes seemingly minimal damage your roof, there is the potential for hidden damage that you may not see. Unless you have expertise in roofing, you shouldn’t handle a roof damage claim on your own. Work with a public insurance adjustor who is familiar with roofing claims to help you prove your case and maximize your settlement.

The Value of a Public Insurance Adjustor

Just as an insurance provider’s adjuster looks out for the company’s best interests, a public adjuster looks out for yours. At Commercial Claim Pro, a public insurance adjuster will use his expert roofing knowledge to help prove the legitimacy of your roofing claim and ensure the proper repairs.

Factors that the public adjuster will consider include:

  • The roof’s age and condition
  • Roof type and shingles
  • The incident that caused the damage and supporting evidence
  • The roof’s construction and history, including maintenance history

As the public insurance adjuster works on your behalf during the claims process, he’ll:

  • Negotiate with the insurance carrier
  • Schedule inspections
  • Document your losses
  • Hire a roofing contractor

You may have more rights than you think when you experience roof damage. A public adjuster from Commercial Claim Pro will guide you through the insurance claims process so you can focus on running your business. Call us today to receive help with your case and get your roof back in shape.

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