Theft and Vandalism

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Theft and Vandalism

Acts of vandalism and theft can bring a sense of frustration and violation. The feeling of betrayal can make the emotions sting even more if an employee is a suspect. In 2007, burglaries cost U.S. businesses $1.4 billion, according to a July 2009 report in the Journal of Management & Marketing Research. The average vandalism incident costs a small business over $3,000.

Filing a Claim after Theft or Vandalism

As soon as you discover theft or vandalism, file a detailed police report. While commercial insurance policies cover general acts of theft and vandalism, exclusions may apply.

Because the claim is crime-related, you assume the burden of proving your losses. Your insurance provider will ask for a copy of the police report and a list of the damaged or stolen items. The claims process may seem complicated if your insurance company tries to offer you the appraised value of the lost items instead of their replacement value. With a public insurance adjuster on your side, you will not have to worry about such schemes.

Claim Assistance from Start to Finish

A public insurance adjuster is an advocate who will guide you throughout the claims process and ensure you receive the maximum payout possible. At Commercial Claim Pro, our public adjusters represent your best interests and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, so you can focus on restoring your business.

A public adjuster will assist you with tasks, such as:

  • Reviewing and documenting damages.
  • Filing supplemental reports with the police and insurance company if you discover additional stolen or damaged items.
  • Proving ownership and substantiating the value of the lost items using pictures, receipts, credit card statements and other helpful documents.
  • Serving as an advocate during an examination of the insured under oath (EUO) if you can’t prove ownership of some of the lost items.
  • Determining the replacement cost of lost items.
  • Securing contractors for property repairs.

At Commercial Claim Pro, it’s our goal to replace your property and make the claims process as stress-free as possible. Call us today to ensure you receive the claim payout to which you’re entitled.

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