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Tornado Damage Claims

A Philadelphia thrift store experienced The year 2011 had an active and deadly tornado season, as over 1,600 twisters spun throughout South in April and May. On April 27 alone, over 200 tornadoes flattened the towns in their paths. Tornado damage is multifold because it entails more than just strong winds. The accompanying hailstorms, rains, lightning and power outages can cause additional damage or affect nearby areas that the windstorms didn’t devastate.

Recovering from Tornado Damage

When your businesses experiences tornado damage, the property’s exposure to the elements may increase the amount of damage it suffers. Incidentally, most insurance companies limit the amount of time you have to file claim.

The claims process may seem complicated if an insurance company states that wind damage caused some of the losses, but water damage caused others, and you don’t have coverage for one of the perils. Alternatively, insurance adjusters in a hurry to settle multiple claims may miss damages or fail to offer a settlement that’s large enough. When you partner with a public insurance adjuster, the professional will make sure none of the details are overlooked to maximize your payment.

Receiving the Service You Deserve

The goal of a public adjuster is to help you resume operations as soon as possible after a tornado. At Commercial Claim Pro, we’ll guide you through the claims process and represent your best interests so you receive a fair settlement with as little stress as possible.

A public adjuster will advocate for you by:

  • Being present at meetings and inspections.
  • Investigating and documenting your losses.
  • Calculating the repair and replacement costs of your property, as well as the cost of business interruptions.
  • Securing an advanced payment for temporary repairs.
  • Reviewing the damage repair estimate that the insurance company drafts to ensure the estimates and depreciation calculations are accurate and sufficient.
  • Securing estimates from the best, not cheapest, contractors.
  • Requesting that your contractor be present when the insurance company’s adjuster inspects your property.

Rebuilding after a tornado isn’t always a simple process. Let a public adjuster from Commercial Claim Pro handle your insurance company so you can focus on business continuity.

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