The February 2014 winter storms did more than shut down streets in the eastern and southern parts of the country. In New Jersey, dozens of buildings collapsed under the weight of ice and snow. When you experience damage to your property, you suffer more than just physical losses. You also suffer from inefficiencies and a loss of business opportunities.

Navigating Business Interruption Claims

Business interruption claims are not as simple to settle as other types of insurance claims. They involve calculating and proving how much your company could have earned if it didn’t experience the interruption using information gleaned from various financial documents.

If you don’t have experience handling business interruption claims, correctly measuring, capturing and supporting your potential earnings may seem overwhelming. Adding to the burden is the fact that how and what you say to an insurance adjuster or on claim forms may affect the payout you receive. A public adjuster can help relieve the stress of dealing with a business interruption claim by handling the details for you and maximizing your settlement.

Insurance Claim Advocates

A public adjuster only has your interests in mind, as he doesn’t work for insurance companies. At Commercial Claim Pro, our public adjusters are familiar with the insurance industry and its legal landscape. They specialize in handling business interruption claims and saving policyholders from making costly mistakes.

When you work with a public adjuster, the professional will:

  • Help you understand your insurance coverage, including considerations regarding co-insurance, continuing sales, the period of indemnity and paying your employees
  • Explain expediting expenses versus extra expenses
  • Let you know what financial documents you need for your claim
  • Perform business interruption calculations that reflect sales trends
  • Ensure the insurance company correctly calculates depreciation in its estimates
  • Work with the insurance company’s forensic accountant, if applicable
  • Fill out and submit claims-related paperwork on your behalf
  • Negotiate with the insurance company

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