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How Does it Work?

When you file an insurance claim after a loss, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. After all, the unthinkable happened and you now have to make several decisions to bring a sense of normalcy back to your life and reduce your losses. The claims process may be time consuming and there is little room for error when you want to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition, which is why many consumers turn to a public adjuster.

When you contact Commercial Claim Pro, we can handle your insurance claim from the start—from filing the claim for you to ensuring that you receive the maximum payout to which you are entitled. The following is an idea about what you can expect:

  1. Initial call:  When you call us, a public adjuster will listen to your situation and schedule a time to meet with you to inspect the damage and review your insurance policy.
  2. Consultation, review and inspection: During the consultation, your public adjuster will inspect the damage and review your insurance policy with you. Doing so will help you understand what the policy covers and your rights. If your insurance policy covers the type of loss that you experienced, the public adjuster will explain the claim process with you and tell you how he can help
  3. Investigation and documentation: If you haven’t already, your public adjuster will begin the claim process. After reviewing the details of your policy, he’ll hire the professional inspectors necessary to examine the damage, acquire estimates and gather the supporting documentation necessary to prove your losses.
  4. Claim submission: Your public adjuster will submit your claim to your insurance company, including his valuation of your losses and supporting documents.
  5. Negotiations: After submitting the claim, your public adjuster will work with the insurance company’s adjusters to make sure their findings are accurate. If the settlement offered is too low, your public adjuster will fight on your behalf to make sure that you receive a fair offer.
  6. Settlement: Once you agree upon a settlement, the public adjuster will work with the contractors hired to ensure that you fully recover.

Claim Services

At Commercial Claim Pro, we can help you any stage of the insurance claim process. Even if the insurance company denied your claim or you already accepted a settlement, we are happy to review your case.

The claim types that we assist with include:

New Claims

If your home or business experienced a loss within the last 12 months and you haven’t filed an insurance claim, we can help get you started. Because some claim types are time-sensitive, it’s best to call us as soon as possible.

When you first meet with your public adjuster, he’ll inspect your property and review your insurance policy. Your public adjuster will also:

  • File the insurance claim on your behalf
  • Document the damage and losses
  • Help you secure your property to prevent further losses
  • Schedule inspections
  • Work with contractors
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to secure the maximum payout possible

Pending Claims

If you’ve already started the claim process, it’s not too late to hire a public adjuster. Your public adjuster will review your policy and claim to find mistakes or omissions that may lower the amount of your settlement. From the start, the public adjuster can take over the claim process for you, from cross-referencing the damages to communicating with the insurance company.

Public adjusters hired during the claim process often find that the insurance carrier’s adjusters tend to omit items on claims, such as:

  • Moving and storage costs
  • Furniture removal
  • Paint and the cost of application
  • Contractor fees (i.e., travel time, equipment setup and takedown, job site preparation or delivery costs)
  • Emergency costs for items like large tarps, dehumidifier rentals or cleaning services

When you hire a public adjuster, the professional will make sure that your claim accurately reflects the damage and losses experienced so you can fully recover.

Re-Opened Claims

If you already settled an insurance claim, but feel as if you didn’t receive the insurance settlement that you deserve, we’re happy to review your insurance policy and claim. Your public adjuster will inspect the damage and evaluate your losses, compare his observations with the insurance company’s findings, and make a recommendation.

Depending on your situation, the public adjuster may recommend that you either re-open the claim or file a supplemental claim. When you re-open a claim, you do so because the insurance company did not offer a settlement that was large enough to recover fully or properly. A supplemental claim is for an instance when the insurance company didn’t address all the damage during an incident.

Whether you need to re-open or supplement a settled claim, your public adjuster will help you navigate each step of the process.

Rejected Claims

Sometimes insurance companies deny claims by mistake or because of the language used on a claim or misunderstandings. If an insurance company recently rejected your claim, a public adjuster can review it and your policy. If the professional determines that the insurance company should have approved your claim, he’ll help you appeal the denial and recover the settlement you deserved.

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At Commercial Claim Pro, we can handle your insurance claim at any step of the process — from filing the claim for you to ensuring that you receive the maximum payout to which you are entitled. Contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss your particular needs.

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