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Commercial losses are sometimes challenging because of the multi-fold impacts they have to a business, and the claims process isn’t always user-friendly for policyholders.

Insurance companies and their adjusters don’t always look out for your best interests. When you file a claim, their goal is to remain profitable and offer the minimum payout possible. If you don’t have experience in the insurance industry or with the type of loss experienced, you may not know if hidden damages remain or if you’re eligible to receive a larger settlement. This inexperience may also lead to a costly mistake or the unnecessary denial of a claim.

Commercial Public Insurance Adjuster

At Commercial Claim Pro, our public insurance adjusters turn the stressful claims process into a successful experience that allows you to focus on recovering and resuming normal operations with minimal impact to your bottom line.

Services that a public adjuster provides include:

  • Filing an insurance claim and related paperwork on your behalf
  • Inspecting your property to identify the full scope of the damages
  • Documenting your losses and determining the cost of repairs or replacements
  • Working with contractors to obtain estimates and manage projects
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to maximize your payout

You hire contractors and work with vendors to take care of the various needs of your enterprise, so it makes sense to work with a public adjustor to take care of your insurance claim. Contact Commercial Claim Pro today and let us know how we can help you with your claim.

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