The manner and speed in which your manufacturing company recovers after experiencing damage affects its business continuity and success. The insurance claims process after experiencing a loss may seem stressful because of all the documents that you need to submit. While you are busy preparing the paperwork for your claim, you also have the burden of proving the damages and losses—physical and financial—in a timely manner. A public insurance adjuster can help make the claims process seem less overwhelming while ensuring the accuracy of the information submitted to the insurance company so you receive the payout that you deserve.

Manufacturing Insurance Claims

The insurance company does not have the final say regarding the damage it uncovers in its investigations, the losses it estimates and the settlement it offers. The public insurance adjusters at Commercial Claim Pro can help carry the burden of proving your business’ losses and maximizing your payout so you can focus on resuming operations.

Tasks that your dedicated public adjuster will assist with include:

  • Filing claims and working with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Hiring experts to investigate your property
  • Helping preparing documents related to business interruptions
  • Documenting and valuating damage to property and inventory
  • Securing contractor estimates and equipment rentals

You have a limited amount of time to settle a claim, and a rushing through the process can lead to not receiving enough money to recover fully. Let an experienced public adjuster from Commercial Claim Pro handle your claim and take care of the details.