Downtime is expensive. When you’re the owner of a warehouse or retail center, property damage may not only affect a building’s curb appeal, but can also be detrimental to you or your tenants’ operations. The longer an insurance claim takes to settle, the greater the risk is of losing your renters or new prospects.

Just as an accountant makes sure your taxes are correct, a public adjuster ensures the success of your commercial insurance claim. This professional represents your best interests throughout the process, maximizing the payout you receive.

Managing Your Claim

You don’t have to navigate the course of an insurance claim alone. At Commercial Claim Pro, we help you understand the nuances in your policy and handle the claim for you so you can focus on business continuity. The public adjuster assigned to your case has extensive knowledge of how the losses that you suffered can affect your operations and will help you with recovery decisions.

Other services that we provide include:

  • Filing claims and other paperwork for you
  • Being present during insurance inspections
  • Conducting independent inspections with minimal disturbances to the occupants
  • Documenting, valuating and inventorying your losses
  • Helping you understand applicable occupancy clauses, deductibles and co-insurance considerations
  • Ensuring the replacement of damaged stock
  • Helping you decide how to handle salvaged stock or equipment

When you experience a loss, let Commercial Claim Pro handle the insurance company so you can focus on resuming operations. We’re eager to help; call us today to get started with your claim.